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So I just thought I'd post the final character designs for Edward. You'll have to ignore parts of the background, we're experimenting!
It's a long process, but we're working on it.
Out by 2011, I hope.

Virtual Psychiatrist II - Sneak Peek

After a long hiatus, myself and the wonderful 'lockdude' have begun working on the redesign of Virtual Psychiatrist. We can't be entirely sure when it will be finished but with a bit of luck it will be out this year. Here's a little sneak preview of the new improved Edward Wright.

He's back and looking sexier than ever!

New flash in production!!!

2008-08-04 03:31:11 by Tom-Arto

I'm finally getting back into flash after my extended break. I'm making a movie, thought i'd share the character designs with the public. I'd love some advice...

New flash in production!!!

Ive been lazy... SO SHUT UP!

2008-05-03 04:41:52 by Tom-Arto

Hey Guys,

About a week ago i started my first flash for this year. I know its been a while. I wont reveal many details but its a harry potter parody.

I would love any ideas or recomendations that the NG Public may have to offer.
So why not leave a comment.


Set backs!

2007-12-02 04:41:52 by Tom-Arto

Unfortunately my computer has recently had its Hard Drive replaced due to a virus, so all the flashes i was working on have been destroyed.



Born to Rock! submitted

2007-11-11 03:47:54 by Tom-Arto

Yes the happy day has finally come,
Check it out if you have the chance, and yeah plz review.